Frames Of Life

I set out on an adventure to capture the lives and environments within South East Asia, specifically the North and South of Thailand and then Cambodia. The variety of images shown, capture many stories across South East Asia, showing life in an variety of lights. Looking to celebrate the vast array of beauty within these countries. This project pictures multiple individuals and their lives, leaving you wondering about who they are and what their story is. This trip has opened my eyes to the importance of experiencing different cultures. This part of the world is rich with images to be captured on camera. Through detailed observation, every tiny element on this trip has made me realise how much beauty there is out there in the world. It has definitely kick started my personal race to see as much of the world as I can. When traveling with my camera I was drawn towards images that were not typical tourist shots, but that told a more realistic view point and represented all aspects of life in these places. However, there is much I have left out and I realised how much tourism has affected this part of the world. So hopefully this book is a reminder to look after these places for myself and for others.

This series is dedicated to Mum & Dad. A big thank you for everything you've done for me and an even bigger thank you for allowing me to go out on this adventure. Also a big thank you to Ben, this trip wouldn’t have been as great as it was without your planning and preparation. It's safe to say I would have been lost without you.

Of course not to forget the 10 days with Dan & Charlie in South Thailand, being on the other side of the planet with such great people was what made it all the more special.