From Great Rocks

From Great Rocks is about a trip to the Isle of Skye in December. With just myself and my dad,  we set off to explored the changing landscape and isolation of life around the island. The constant change of weather was something that took getting used to, with there being only around five hours of light each day we were motivated to cover as much of the island as possible in the time we had. 

The island gave of the persona of a giant,  at this time of year it felt as though the island was sleeping, frozen in time, a landscape that didn’t want to be disturbed.  It had an apocalyptic atmosphere, a sense of fearfulness, it almost felt like we weren’t welcome. 

There were flashes of life but whenever encountered it felt like one would run from the other. Car lights passing by each other, looking like eyes, the intricate glimpses of light appear in the distance, shining through the darkness, building brighter and brighter, until it suddenly passed. Even deer in the headlights sprinting across the road in fear. The emptiness and darkness of the land created suspense to the prospect of encountering life.  Yet realistically this fear doesn’t need to exist, it’s easy to forget that these lands resemble peace. We came here to escape to get away from the chaos, not to enter it. It’s like a giant you have to respect in order for it to accept you.  Once trusted you are able experience the great sublimes it has to offer.

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