The Search For Beauty

We have always had the desire to search for things in life, we have ever since we stepped foot on this planet and we still do to this day. From Christopher Columbus exploring America in 1492, to the Rover ‘Curiosity’ currently on the surface of Mars. We have never stopped our search. This project looks at my representation of our desire to search and how I use photography to personally search, I am constantly looking to find more within my photographs and photography as a medium. We constantly look deeper into things in order to find out more, but in the process change the landscape itself. This project is a response to mans desire to search for more. Looking closely in detail at the beauty you may find. Becoming so curious and attracted to finding out more, we don’t realise the overall effect we are having on the original form. Much like mining for diamonds we desire and search for such intricate beauty, we are willing to destroy the landscape that was once there to get it, changing the way it was forever.

Process - Casting Ice

With a casted block of Ice, I photograph the Ice in it’s original form, representing the untouched land of the earth, then I physically destroyed the shape in order to find further images looking closer and closer into the objects form. I use photography to show this because I am able to capture each individual stage of this search. Showing the effect we have had whilst searching, and how photography acts as a tool for remembering the things that we may never get back. This is a reason as to why I am attracted to photography, I am scared of forgetting what I see. It is my attraction. The outcome of the light boxes allows me to physically attract viewers into engaging with the work. I want to create the same transfixed look as to the ones I photographed, making them become so drawn into the ethereal aura the ice images give off, drawing people in like a Moth is drawn to the light